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We pay YOU to burn our gourmet soy candles.

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Enter our weekly drawing for a 16oz Candle and a soy bath body bar

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Make easy money become a soy candle distributor. Smell and Sell, it's that easy.

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Online ordering now available for Customers in Canada

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For your $39.95 (U.S. Dollars) Candle of the Month purchase you will receive...

- 16 oz. "Cleaner Burning" soy candle

- A dozen "Cleaner-Burning" votive soy candles

- A Soysational Soy Bar, a nutural soap alternate

- A Corporate Webiste (example)

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Make money | soy candles


1) Retail Soy Candle Sales - Make 100% profit on our soy candles and other products


2) Fundraising with candles- You can easily make a full time income fundraising with our soy candles.


3) Residual candle income- Everyones favorite payday. Earn a percentage of all distributors sales and recruiting efforts.


Realize Your Dreams!  If you have been looking for financial and personal freedom or just a few hundred extra a month, these soy candles are the vehicle that will deliver it to you! See what a few of distributors have to say:



Yesterday I threw out all my other scented candles. I had a massive collection of them from many manufacturers. I now feel that the only candles worth burning are your Gourmet Candles." - -Sandra Pennell, CT

"This is the best candle I have ever tried and trust me I have tried them all. But that is the past I am hooked and will never even look at any other candle except to smile and say to myself "those are just scented imitations." Thanks for making such a wonderful product! - -Vikki Insinga, NC"

"These are the best smelling candles that I have ever smelled. I have burned lots of different candles but these candles are the best I have ever smelled and burned. They are so strong, good smelling, and you only need to burn one jar and the aroma fills your home.These candles are the best performing candles in the world because they burn evenly with very little residue left in the jar. When burning, the wax forms a liquid on top and if it is spilled, you can wipe it up with a damp, soapy cloth. They are healthy candles because they have very little soot, clean burning, non-toxic, no chemicals, and lead free." - -Lucille Boling, MS

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Three key factors make this the Easiest and Best opportunity you will ever have to get ahead financially...

  1. Affordability Membership (Candle Of The Month) is only $39.95 a month and you recieve over $60.00 in products!   There will be no additional charges to your account unless you order extra products.
  2. 3 ways to earn - retail sales, fundraising, and residual income
  3. Large Market - 1 of 10 household have at least one candle. Now you will be able to offer them the best candle on the market.




This IS something that YOU can do to make easy extra income or a very nice full time income. It is up to you to decide.



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